Handle and Care

When purchasing flowers from our store, it is important to follow up with care. A flower arrangement will already come with water in the vase. When ordering a wrapped bouquet, make sure it is placed into a vase the same day or the following day. 

The water from the vase should be changed daily to help your flowers last longer. It is important to keep your flowers away from too much heat, too much cold. and direct sunlight. Cutting the stems from the flowers every few days will help the flowers stay hydrated and help them last longer. 

Dish gardens and peace lily plants must be placed away from direct sunlight and in room temperature. They require water at least once a week. Orchid Plants must be placed away from direct sunlight and need a warm, mild, and somewhat humid temperature. Orchid plants need very little water once a week. Make sure to always check how dry or moist your plant is by poking the soil with your fingers.

If you have any questions regarding handling and caring for your order, please contact us.